Why HiTech Structures?

We have diverse strengths and abilities in many aspects of construction, which enables us to undertake a various range of projects.

Our client base consists of companies in the following sectors:

  • Sewer and Watermain
  • Heavy Construction
  • Road Building
  • Land Development

We have an extensive equipment inventory including:

  • Boom trucks
  • Roll off trucks with bins and flat decks
  • Skyjack and scissor lifts
  • Compressors and an extensive inventory of concrete breaking equipment

We have a dedicated reinforcing steel placing crew. Reinforcing steel is an integral and necessary component of structural concrete. Therefore having our own crew and hoisting equipment, translates into improved efficiency and project organization. 

HiTech Structures cares about the environment and we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. With this vision, we have installed a 10KW solar system on our premises, which contributes to a healthier environment by:

  • Generating electricity from a renewable resource
  • Helping to replace coal-fired electricity generation across the province
  • Reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants
  • Being part of the largest climate change initiative in North America

Click here to see our solar power generation!

You can be confident that we have the ability, know how, engineering background, and the resources, to service your company's structural concrete requirements. We look forward to opportunities to build and maintain successful business relationships. 

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HiTech Structures

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